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Pacific County Emergency Management Agency
Pacific County Emergency Management Agency

disaster preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery

Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining a Countywide infrastructure for emergency/disaster preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.

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Willing to help in a disaster
Partner Agencies
Working together proactively

Partner Agencies

This is accomplished by means of a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional organization which includes the Cities of Raymond, South Bend, Illwaco, Menlo, Long Beach, the Shoalwater Bay Nation, all 8 County Fire Districts and every Pacific County Department.

Law Enforcement

Fire departments

National Weather Service

Other Emergency Management Agencies


Emergency Management is responsible for maintaining the EOC in a constant state of readiness. During a countywide disaster, the EOC becomes the hub of information gathering and dissemination, strategic decision making, resource allocation and incident coordination.

Representatives from law enforcement, fire services and public health, environmental health, EMS, as well as other organizations from throughout the county work together to coordinate the response.


Scott McDougall - Director

Scott McDougall is the Director of the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency in South Bend WA. Scott has worked for Pacific County since 2013. Prior to his time with Pacific County Scott served as a firefighter/EMT for the City of Raymond and retired from the Raymond Fire Department as Fire Marshal and Training Officer and was a Washington State Senior EMS Instructor. Scott completed the National Emergency Management Advance Academy in 2019. Scott is also a member of the Washington State Emergency Management Advisory Group and serves as a member of the advisory board for the Center of Excellence-Homeland Security Emergency Management at Pierce College. McDougall lives in South Bend with his wife Tammy and their 3 dogs. They have 13 grand-children.



Marcie Medina- Coordinator

Marcelina Medina is the Coordinator of the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency in South Bend, WA. Marcie has been working for the county since 2015. She has been developing her career in Emergency Management since 2023. Marcie is fluent in Spanish and is strongly engaged with our Hispanic community. She has been a member of this community most of her life. Marcie lives in South Bend, with her 3 children and enjoys spending quality time with her family.